Let’s debunk it

DEBUNK is an İstanbul based design brand, founded in 2015, strongly sticked to “Wear your opinion” practice and inspired by the right to protest.

DEBUNK is excited about debunking stereotypical ideas and perspectives pushed by authority figures, influencers, media, artists, and of course, social media phenomenon.

Today, DEBUNK focuses on printed silk scarves. Typography, icons and sarcastic story telling is the fundamental principle of designs.

Skinny silk scarf line, THEY is the new collection of the brand today.


Streets. Banks. Airports. They are watching us. With the new skinny scarf collection “They”, we want to draw attention to public watching and the boundary of our private lives.

Gezi protests in Istanbul, and bans on face covering all around the world gave ideas for the Freedom Fighter collection.

With “Dear Motivation, Where Are You?” collection, brand mocks and debunks the absurdity of popular motivational quotes shared on social media.


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